Vermont House Democratic Campaign Staff Push Washington D.C. Tactics

Vermont House Democratic Campaign Staff Push Washington D.C. Tactics

A series of extreme tweets show the true colors of the Vermont Democratic Party and its campaign strategy

Berlin, VT - A year from the Democrats’ nasty and deceitful 2016 campaign in Vermont, the state Democratic Party seems determined to up its game and use an even darker campaign approach. Vermonters pride themselves on civil discourse, spirited but factual debate, and a post-election tradition of coming together for the good of our communities. In the face of this Vermont tradition, the Vermont Democratic Party has continued to show its true colors in public statements on social media, resorting to name calling, outlandish accusations, and outright hostility to anyone with whom they may have political differences.

“Our current political environment is incredibly polarized. Vermont is already the country’s #1 most toxic web environment (,” stated Jeff Bartley, executive director of the Vermont Republican Party.

“In just the past two weeks, employees using the official Twitter handle of Democrats in the Vermont Statehouse accused the former Vermont Republican chair of being a racist and a young professional on Gov. Scott’s staff of being “slappy happy” and “dumb,” while routinely responding in a hyper-aggressive and inappropriate way to anyone who disagrees or questions them on social media.

“Today, we call on the Vermont Democratic Party to name the person or persons behind the abuse, stop the name calling and over-the-line comments, and urge Speaker Mitzi Johnson, Leader Jill Krowinski, and the new Democrat Chair Terje Anderson to disavow these statements.”

Below you'll find a copy of the recent tweets.















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