Vermont Democrats Parade New Carbon Tax Legislation

Vermont Democrats Parade New Carbon Tax Legislation

For Immediate Release
April 10, 2017

Jeff Bartley, Executive Director
Vermont Republican Party

Vermont Democrats Parade New Carbon Tax Legislation
New proposals attempt to deceive Vermonters in a non-election year

Berlin, VT - In response to new legislation proposed in the Vermont House of Representatives to create a carbon tax, Jeff Bartley, Executive Director of the Vermont Republican Party issued the following statement:

“The Democrats and Progressives just won't rest until they've they've exhausted every conceivable scheme to create a new carbon tax. That's the only takeaway from reports that Democrat and Progressive lawmakers will submit different proposals this week to undermine our economy and deepen the crisis of affordability their failed policies created.

“Vermonters will not support any proposal for an economically disastrous new carbon tax.  Especially a proposal like this that tries to hide a wolf in sheep's clothing by pretending to take money from one of your pockets and put it into another. Vermonters will not be fooled by this deceitful, and economically reckless, political trickery.

"The fact is a carbon tax will take millions more dollars from Vermont taxpayer’s, increase the costs of goods and services across the board, cause more businesses to shut their doors and cost us jobs. That is exactly why Governor Phil Scott has repeatedly pledged to veto a carbon tax and Vermont's Republican legislators are prepared to sustain that veto should it become necessary.

“We call on Progressive Lt. Governor David Zuckerman, Senate Pro Temp Tim Ashe, and Speaker Mitzi Johnson to publicly reject yet another carbon tax proposal and refocus on creating jobs and making Vermont more affordable.

"Democrats are clearly more focused on creating new taxes -- and clever ways to hide them -- than the very real economic hurdles facing working Vermonters and employers. Reviving their election year discussion of a carbon tax is evidence that they cannot adjourn and leave Montpelier soon enough."