Vermont Democrats, Led by Their Presumptive Nominee for Governor, Continue to Endorse Single-Payer

Vermont Democrats, Led by Their Presumptive Nominee for Governor, Continue to Endorse Single-Payer

Despite massive cost and tax increases on all Vermonters, the Democrats push forward

Berlin, VT - After Senator Sanders announced a massive Government overreach last week, proposing single-payer healthcare nationwide, Vermont Democrats continue to embrace the scheme despite its failure in Vermont and other states around the country.

Vermont Democrats are being led by their radical leaders David Zuckerman, Tim Ashe, Mitzi Johnson and now James Ehlers, all of whom are committed to driving Vermont down the path of un-sustainability and an unaffordable future by imposing hundreds of millions in new taxes on Vermonters.

As the Boston Globe pointed out single-payer “...would cost $4.3 billion in 2017, with Vermont taxpayers picking up $2.6 billion and the federal government covering the rest. To put the figures into perspective, Vermont’s entire fiscal 2015 budget, including both state and federal funds, is about $4.9 billion.” (“Costs derail Vermont’s dream of a single-payer health plan,” Boston Globe, January 15, 2015)

However, in response to former Democrat Governor Peter Shumlin’s continued acknowledgement single-payer couldn’t work in Vermont, David Zuckerman proclaimedhe wants to move forward with single-payer in Vermont: “I still believe the majority of Vermonters want a wholesale fix to the system and would like to have seen us move forward.” (“Former Vermont Governor: Small States Can’t Pull Of Single-Payer Alone.”, September 19, 2017)

Now, there is a proposed study of single-payer in the Vermont Senate with 13 co-sponsors. Zuckerman has committed to making the plan a top priority for the State Senate in 2018.

David Zuckerman’s statement is contradicting the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for Governor, James Ehlers, who is fully endorsing Senator Sanders’ radical nationwide single payer: “Bernie is right that it’s time for universal healthcare for all.” (“Shumlin: Single-payer health care was too much for little Vermont, Burlington Free Press, September 19, 2017)

James Ehlers’ position is in line with other radical concepts he’s peddled like taxing Ben & Jerry’s, and now increasing the excess tax on fishing hooks, cheese, and other products vital to Vermont’s economy and tradition pointing to increased excess taxes as “...the most successful model of funding conservation projects internationally. (Our Nature - Season 3, Episode 20, Lake Champlain International, July 21, 2017.)

“Ehlers doesn’t understand the economic hurdles Vermonters are facing, nor will he acknowledge Senator Sanders’ plan will cost $32 trillion in new spending and would come with AT LEAST a 6.0% payroll tax on all Americans -- regardless of income,” said Jeff Bartley, Executive Director of the Vermont Republican Party.

He continued: “If Shumlin’s plan was enacted, single-payer would have doubled the state budget and capped off the already burdensome tax rate on all Vermonters with a bone crushing increase of 9.5% in additional personal income taxes. Mr. Ehlers is no different than Sue Minter, David Zuckerman, and other far-left ideologues leading the Vermont Democratic Party. Vermonters deserve better.”