Senate Finance Committee Takes A Disastrous Swipe At Vermont’s Tourism Industry

Senate Finance Committee Takes A Disastrous Swipe At Vermont’s Tourism Industry

 The Progressive Leadership in the Senate, David Zuckerman and Tim Ashe, leading us down the wrong path.

Berlin, VT - In true fashion and matching the previous six years where Democrats and Progressives raised over $300-million in new taxes and fees, the Vermont Democrat controlled State Senate Finance Committee voted along party lines to support the creation of a $7.2-million occupancy tax on hotel rooms. The move, which happened late Thursday evening, will have a disastrous impact on Vermont’s tourism industry.

Jeff Bartley, Executive Director of the Vermont Republican Party issued the following statement in response:

“I don’t get the thinking of David Zuckerman, Tim Ashe and the ultra-left majority in the Senate. Are they completely tone deaf to the struggles Vermont businesses face? Adding additional costs on tourists visiting Vermont -- or on Vermonters taking a weekend vacation anywhere in the state -- only adds to our crushing affordability crisis. Vermont’s tourism industry will be negatively impacted. Vermonters expect elected leaders to immediately reject this proposal and stand behind Senate Republican Leader Dustin Degree, who voted against this dreadful piece of legislation. It’s dumbfounding how only one Republican sits on this important money committee.” 

Additionally, we are sharing a statement by Senator Dustin Degree, the Senate Republican Leader, that was issued via his personal Facebook page:

“Tonight, the Senate Finance Committee voted 5-1 to create a $7.2-million occupancy tax on hotel rooms, taxing our tourism industry and making it more expensive for visitors to come to our towns, attract events at our resorts, stay and ski at our mountains, camp at our campgrounds and for Vermonters to enjoy a weekend away in our own home state. Voters were clear in November that they wanted lower taxes and for state government to spend within our means, a vacation tax is wrong for Vermont and that's why I voted no."

Vermont Republicans will continue to push back on the Democrats’ desire to raise new taxes or increase existing taxes and fees. We will insist on looking for smarter ways to work with the tax money already paid into government by hard-working Vermonters rather than just finding another new tax.

If you agree with us that this continued, uncontrolled and reckless spending by Vermont Democrats makes our state less affordable and crushes job in our state, we invite you to join us.  Together we can bring about the change that Vermonters want and deserve.