Say What??!!

Say What??!!


NEA President Willing to Gut Programs for Kids & Burn Taxpayers to Block a Proposal that (you're not going to believe this...) Actually Ensures Teacher Healthcare Costs Don't Increase and Saves Taxpayers up to $26 Million

Berlin, VT – In a rare moment of candor that starkly revels who the teachers' union is really concerned about, Jeff Fannon, the executive director, of the Vermont NEA yesterday on Vermont Public Radio (VPR) bluntly expressed his union's willingness to cut services and programs for kids in order to block a change that would save taxpayers millions without costing teachers any additional money. 

Governor Scott’s proposal for a statewide teachers health care benefit would realize up to $26 million in savings for taxpayers each year. Not only would hardworking Vermonters see much-needed property tax relief, under Governor Scott's proposal teachers would see their premiums decrease and out-of-pocket costs stay the same.  These savings wouldn’t require reducing resources available for our kids.

Jeff Fannon has thrown his support by the Democratic Majority’s counter-proposal, which is an across the board mandate for local school boards to slash $13 million from schools, with no clear mechanism to achieve savings. 

Sadly, Fannon confessed to a VPR reporter that the teachers' union is perfectly content with the possibility of selling out our kids, academic programs and school boards in order to block Governor Scott’s proposal, which ensures they receive the same, or better, healthcare at the same, or lower, out of pocket costs. 

Can you believe a union representing one of our state's most highly regarded professions would be that selfish? 

According to VPR"Fannon says it’s possible that if districts can’t extract those savings through property health benefit negotiations, then they could have to reduce expenditures that directly impact educational programs.” The Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA) has distributed calculations for the costs for every supervisory union under the Democratic Majority’s plan, which you can read here.

Rather than saving money through the responsible plan for savings introduced by the Governor, the union bosses appear all too eager to leave local kids behind.  And for what?  

You can help by contacting your lawmakers and calling on them to support Governor Scott's proposal to save up to $26 million per year.  Act now to stand with Vermont’s taxpayers, school boards, educators, and students in supporting Governor Scott's proposal.