Say it ain't so! Don't tax our cup of joe!

Say it ain't so! Don't tax our cup of joe!

February 15, 2017


I couldn't wait until Friday to share the latest, definitely not the greatest, idea coming out of Montpelier...

According to, Vermont Democrats and Progressives are considering a tax on coffee.



That's right folks, according to David Deen, Democrat from Westminster, coffee contributes to water pollution via human urine; and it's a big problem.  

So logically, we should tax coffee, right?

You can't make this stuff up. 

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Everyday, we thank our lucky-stars for Don Turner's leadership and our 53 House Republicans who are pushing back against these ridiculous proposals in committee. We need to back them up.

If we hit our goal, we will hire additional staff to help us push back against radical ideas in the House and Senate.  Our recruitment efforts are well underway for 2018 and we've already begun to collect data on the opposition. We need your immediate support.

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I appreciate the continued support! Together, we can return Vermont to the path of affordability and sustainability.

Jeff Bartley
Executive Director
Vermont Republican Party