Vermont House Democratic Campaign Staff Push Washington D.C. Tactics

A series of extreme tweets show the true colors of the Vermont Democratic Party and its campaign strategy

Berlin, VT - A year from the Democrats’ nasty and deceitful 2016 campaign in Vermont, the state Democratic Party seems determined to up its game and use an even darker campaign approach. Vermonters pride themselves on civil discourse, spirited but factual debate, and a post-election tradition of coming together for the good of our communities. In the face of this Vermont tradition, the Vermont Democratic Party has continued to show its true colors in public statements on social media, resorting to name calling, outlandish accusations, and outright hostility to anyone with whom they may have political differences.

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Congressman Ellison: Extreme, Reckless & Wrong

For Immediate Release
November 9, 2017

Contact: Jeff Bartley
Executive Director, VTGOP, 802-223-3411

Congressman Ellison: Extreme, Reckless & Wrong
Congressman’s views offer a grim reflection of the VDP

(Berlin, VT) -- “The Vermont Democratic Party (VDP) is eager to feature a congressman with extreme views and a history of belligerent and anti-semitic statements to raise desperately needed cash. The VDP’s decision to bring U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, vice-chair of the debilitated and scandal-plagued Democratic National Committee (DNC), is an unfortunate decision that only highlights how out-of-touch Vermont’s Democratic Party has become with Vermont values.

“Vermonters deserve to know what the Vermont Democratic Party stands for and who truly is in charge.

“Instead of embracing Congressman Ellison -- who was defeated as too extreme in his race for DNC chair earlier this year -- Vermont Democrats and Progressives should condemn the Congressman’s statements, not raise money off of them.”  -- Jeff Bartley, Executive Director, Vermont Republican Party

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Does James Ehlers Support His Party's Carbon Tax?

As Liberals Double-Down Their Support, Where Does The Presumptive Democratic Nominee Stand

Berlin, VT - In the wake of liberal activists reigniting their push for a carbon tax, which could add as much as $1 more per gallon of gas, 2018 presumptive Democratic nominee for Governor James Ehlers is notably silent. In response to the unusual silence from the Ehlers campaign, Jeff Bartley, Executive Director of the Vermont Republican Party issued the following statement:

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National Tax Reform Plan Could Help Vermont

For Immediate Release
September 28, 2017

Contact: Jeff Bartley, 802-223-3411

National Tax Reform Plan Could Help Vermont
Vermont’s Federal Delegation Needs to Come to the Table

Berlin, VT - In response to President Donald Trump releasing his Tax Reform Plan, Jeff Bartley, Executive Director of the Vermont Republican Party issued the following statement:

“Vermonters continue to struggle with kitchen table issues under the burden of the state and federal tax system. We believe President Trump’s plan will help Vermonters keep more of what they earn.

"An overwhelming majority of Americans believe our tax code needs to be revamped and simplified. This important conversation could help all Vermonters and make Vermont a more affordable place to live, work, and raise a family.

"We applaud the President for kick-starting this long overdue conversation; and urge Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders, and Representative Welch to finally come to the table and discuss meaningful bipartisan tax reform. Vermonters deserve relief.”

Vermont Democrats, Led by Their Presumptive Nominee for Governor, Continue to Endorse Single-Payer

Despite massive cost and tax increases on all Vermonters, the Democrats push forward

Berlin, VT - After Senator Sanders announced a massive Government overreach last week, proposing single-payer healthcare nationwide, Vermont Democrats continue to embrace the scheme despite its failure in Vermont and other states around the country.

Vermont Democrats are being led by their radical leaders David Zuckerman, Tim Ashe, Mitzi Johnson and now James Ehlers, all of whom are committed to driving Vermont down the path of un-sustainability and an unaffordable future by imposing hundreds of millions in new taxes on Vermonters.

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Governor Phil Scott’s Leadership Reduces Property Tax Rates for all Vermonters

Vermont Republicans remain committed to making Vermont more affordable


Montpelier, VT - In response to the budget agreement, Jeff Bartley, Executive Director of the Vermont Republican Party issued the following statement: 

“Without Governor Scott’s leadership and laser focus on making Vermont more affordable for all Vermonters, the Democrats would have happily stayed with the status quo and continued to ignore the struggle of hard-working Vermonters.

“Thanks to the Governor, this new budget will reduce property taxes on residential taxpayers and keep rates level for non-residential payers; something that would not have been achieved if the Governor hadn’t vetoed the budget. Governor Scott kept his promise to stand up for everyday Vermonters.

“This agreement achieves something we haven’t seen in years - true fiscal responsibility in Montpelier - thanks to Governor Scott’s leadership. The Governor and Vermont Republicans have changed the trajectory of our state. Two months ago the Democrats were not even acknowledging there were health care savings, now, we have a budget that will save up to $13 million over the next two years and a framework for significant long-term savings. Vermont Republicans will remain diligent and will not waiver until Vermont is more affordable, its economy is thriving, and Montpelier begins to live within its means.”


Senator Sanders’ Refusal to Answer Questions Re Burlington College.

The following press release was sent by Brady Toensing on May 8, 2017.

Senator Sanders’ Refusal to Answer Questions Re Burlington College.

Although Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders refuses to give interviews to most of his home state’s media outlets,, he recently deigned to give a ten-minute interview to WCAX, a local Vermont television station:

During that interview, in reference to an active FBI investigation into a fraudulent loan given to Burlington College where his wife was president, Senator Sanders was asked whether he “used [his] influence to secure [the] loan from” the federally insured bank.

Senator Sanders refused to respond and blamed politics for the FBI investigation. This investigation, however, was started in early 2016 after media reports raised questions about misrepresentations Ms. Sanders made concerning the school’s income in order to secure the loan. These media reports were based on public records and interviews with purported "confirmed" donors. 

The FBI has not disclosed what prompted its investigation, but it was started more than a year ago under President Obama, his Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and his United States Attorney, all of whom are Democrats.

During the interview, Senator Sanders claimed without explanation that it would somehow be “improper” for him to answer any questions about this fraudulent loan and his office’s involvement in securing it. However, it is perfectly appropriate for a public official to answer questions about the conduct of his office.

What is improper is a sitting United States Senator refusing to answer questions about his office’s involvement in a fraudulent loan that directly led to the demise of a college. This fraud also harmed students and resulted in huge financial losses to the bank, almost $150,000 in losses to the taxpayers of Vermont, and almost $2 million in losses to the Catholic Diocese.

There is evidence that Senator Sanders’s office improperly pressured the bank to approve the loan application submitted by the Senator’s wife. See attached May 25, 2016 letter to investigators. Improper pressure by a United States Senator is a serious ethical violation.  Under Senate Ethics Rules, a Senator or his office may not get involved in any way with a loan transaction that benefits a family member.  Senate Ethics R. 35(b)(1) and (b)(2)(A).  Under these rules it is improper for a spouse to receive favorable treatment for a loan “… because of the official position of the Member …”  Senate Ethics R. 35(b)(2)(A).


For Immediate Release
April 25, 2017

Jeff Bartley, Executive Director
Vermont Republican Party


After spending nearly $300,000 in 2016 to support Vermont’s left, Montpelier refuses to take up initiatives to decrease the burden on taxpayers

Berlin, VT - In 2016, Vermonters overwhelmingly supported Governor Phil Scott, and his mission to grow the economy and make Vermont a more affordable place to live. With ballooning budgets and rapidly increasing property taxes across Vermont, Governor Scott has made a priority of his administration to ease these crushing burdens.

Today, Governor Phil Scott, surrounded by school board members and superintendents, continued to champion a plan that would save taxpayers up to $26 million annually, AND hold teachers’ health benefits harmless. Despite these cost savings and zero threat to teachers, Democrats and Progressives pander to the Vermont NEA; the same group that spent nearly $300,000 dollars in the 2016 election.

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Vermont Democrats and Progressives Slow Economic Progress to Maintain Status Quo


Vermont Democrats and Progressives Slow Economic Progress to Maintain Status Quo

Berlin, VT - Today, Vermont Democrats and Progressives voted against Governor Scott’s Executive Order to create a unified Department of Liquor and Lottery. This Executive Order would eliminate duplicative processes, improve accountability, realize cost savings, and unleash revenue potential for the State.


In response to this vote, Tim Schaffer, Communications Director for the Vermont Republican Party, issued the following statement:

“By not supporting this Executive Order, Democrats in the House, under the direction of Speaker Mitzi Johnson, rejected an order that makes government more effective, efficient and productive for taxpayers.

“Governor Scott and Vermont Republicans recognize the urgent need to address the state’s economic challenges. We remain committed to do what is best for Vermonters and will continue in our efforts to address the affordability crisis and grow Vermont’s economy.

“The Governor talks about the numbers 6-3-1 often. Every day in Vermont, there are six fewer workers in the workforce, three fewer students in our schools, and one baby born addicted to opiates. If we do not change the trajectory we're on, if we maintain Montpelier’s status quo, Vermonters will continue to suffer.

“The Vermont Democrats and Progressives’ lack of desire to change Montpelier’s outlook is the reason the affordability crisis continues. We must do better. It’s time for change.”



ICYMI Governor Phil Scott Among Most Popular Governors in the Nation

ICYMI Governor Phil Scott Among Most Popular Governors in the Nation
New poll shows Governor Scott has a 68% approval rating

Berlin, VT - Governor Phil Scott was recently ranked one of the most popular governors in the United States, earning 68% approval from Vermonters, with only 16% disapproving. In a survey conducted by Morning Consult, the news source polled over 85,000 voters nationally to determine how everyday Americans feel about their governor’s job performance.    

It is clear that Governor Scott’s priorities of growing the economy, making Vermont more affordable, and making government more efficient and less costly - without raising taxes and fees – are clearly resonating with Vermonters.

For too long, Vermonters have been forced to pay for Montpelier’s old spending habits through rising costs and higher taxes, without being provided any tools to help their businesses and salaries keep pace.  They are looking for a government that lives within its means, doesn’t grow faster than their paychecks and delivers better, more efficient results for taxpayers. Governor Scott, with the strong support of Vermont's Republican legislators, believes when focus on these areas we’ll be able to expand the private sector economy, lower costs, invest in pro-growth initiatives like higher education and infrastructure, helping to reverse the Green Mountain State’s unsustainable economic trends of a shrinking workforce, aging demographics and the crisis of affordability.

Governor Scott and Vermont's Republican legislators are committed to fighting for you -- BUT THEY NEED YOUR HELP.  Please take a few minutes today to call your legislators at (802) 828-2228 and urge them to support the Governor’s agenda for strengthening the economy, making Vermont more affordable and reforming state government. 

You can read more about the poll’s findings by clicking here.