A message from Rutland County GOP Chair

Will Maple Sugar and Conservative Activists begin SWEETENING UP VERMONT in preparation for an extreme "flavor change" in the State House in Nov 2020?

What if around the state, 180 Republican candidates (and incumbents) were identified, vetted, trained and supported to run for all the legislative seats?

What if in every town of the state a few dedicated people joined together to form a Republican committee that would take up the responsibility of influencing voters and enlarging their list of supporters in order to get Republican House and Senate candidates, local candidates, and Justices of the Peace candidates elected for their town?

What if around the state, the many splinter groups of Republican voters pulled together toward defeating the common ideological enemy that is behind most of the issues of concern in our state, collectivism/ socialism?

What if around the state, determined citizens used social media, life sharing, personal areas of influence, etc to daily educate others in basic principles of faith, family, history, freedom, free-market capitalism, property rights, etc and thousands of Vermonters were able to break free from the effects of years of propaganda?

All around the state - this hope is growing! As Easter approaches, let's pray for a revival of all things GOOD in and for VERMONT!  I believe as we see things look so hopeless and ugly - from even just the shocking number of legislators voting for unlimited, unregulated abortion on demand to be set as law, there is a great opportunity for voters to be drawn to look deeper, ask critical questions, and decide to move to the "Right". A favorite Bible verse right now: "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound" - Even in Vermont!

Sincerely, with great HOPE,
Terry Burke
Rutland County Republican Chairwoman