A Message from Chairwoman Deb Billado


The Vermont Republican Party is fundamentally committed to limited government – one that does not punish the people of Vermont with escalating taxes to pay for failed legislative experiments. The Vermont Republican Party advocates for a balanced budget with checks to prevent out-of-control state spending. The Vermont Republican Party supports policies that would return economic prosperity to struggling Vermonters, instead of those that feed the state’s bloated bureaucratic machine.

We are unified in the belief that we can create a new and prosperous chapter for Vermont. To those that simply can’t catch a break under Montpelier’s entrenched tax tyranny, I say: We hear you.

As the Chair of the Vermont Republican Party, I am committed to protecting the unique rights and freedoms we have as Vermonters and to standing up for all those who feel betrayed, dismissed, and forgotten by the political system of our state. I am not interested in defying the founding documents and values of Vermont or the United States in service of perceived political opportunity.

Remember – the Vermont Republican Party is not and should not be Democrat-lite.

We are proud of our right-of-center values and principles. We will not apologize for putting hard-working Vermonters first. We will not apologize for standing up for what's right or pushing back against the crushing taxes democratic leadership forces on us. We will not apologize for respecting the founding principles of this great state and nation and will continue to fight to uphold them. 

We are striving toward a new chapter for Vermont. One that ends the same old, same old gimmicks that have become synonymous with Montpelier.

I hope you will join us.

Deb Billado