Statement from Chairwoman Billado on Deserae Morin

To all Vermonters,

Deserae Morin and her family  stand as an inspiration to us all in how they are handling the heinous threat of violence and intimidation perpetrated by a deranged and dangerous person. 

There is no room for this in a civilized society. We hope that law enforcement finds and prosecute those responsible. 

To watch this strong women fight back by saying she won't be intimated and not  back down from her sincere desire to represent the people of Colchester and Vermont.  

This goes far beyond politics, this is about someone trying to silence and intimidate a young mother from speaking out. 

Please join me in applauding Deserae Morin and all others who say "Your threats of violence will not stop my voice" This is America and this is Vermont. 

Deserae thanks for staying Vermont Strong.