Statement from VT Republican Party Chair Deb Billado on Gov. Scott's Budget Address

Statement from VT Republican Party Chair Deb Billado 
on Gov. Scott's Budget Address

"Three weeks ago in his State of the State Address, Governor Scott told Vermonters he wants to expand the workforce, reverse Vermont's demographic trends, incentivize community development, and tackle the affordability crisis head on. Today, in his budget address, Governor Scott delivered on his vision for Vermont, offering the Legislature a responsible and specific path toward real progress on all fronts.
"Vermonters know Governor Scott has their concerns front and center, and his budget contains no new taxes or fees for the second year in a row while making sound and targeted economic investments in our state. Governor Scott is a leader who continues to demonstrate that with an honest assessment of the challenges we face, responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and careful investments in our citizens and communities, we can improve our state for everyone.
"The Governor is addressing the challenges Vermonters face now, instead of pushing them down the road so they become insurmountable. If legislators respond to the Governor's budget and work with him in good faith, we can eliminate the taxation of senior's Social Security benefits, carefully and generously reverse the education spending crisis, care for the vulnerable in our communities, and grow the economy and make Vermont more affordable so that our people can stay and still others will come. Governor Scott is working hard for all of us, making strategic choices, and providing clear and optimistic leadership, something everyone can support."