A message from Rutland County GOP Chair

Will Maple Sugar and Conservative Activists begin SWEETENING UP VERMONT in preparation for an extreme "flavor change" in the State House in Nov 2020?

What if around the state, 180 Republican candidates (and incumbents) were identified, vetted, trained and supported to run for all the legislative seats?

What if in every town of the state a few dedicated people joined together to form a Republican committee that would take up the responsibility of influencing voters and enlarging their list of supporters in order to get Republican House and Senate candidates, local candidates, and Justices of the Peace candidates elected for their town?

What if around the state, the many splinter groups of Republican voters pulled together toward defeating the common ideological enemy that is behind most of the issues of concern in our state, collectivism/ socialism?

What if around the state, determined citizens used social media, life sharing, personal areas of influence, etc to daily educate others in basic principles of faith, family, history, freedom, free-market capitalism, property rights, etc and thousands of Vermonters were able to break free from the effects of years of propaganda?

All around the state - this hope is growing! As Easter approaches, let's pray for a revival of all things GOOD in and for VERMONT!  I believe as we see things look so hopeless and ugly - from even just the shocking number of legislators voting for unlimited, unregulated abortion on demand to be set as law, there is a great opportunity for voters to be drawn to look deeper, ask critical questions, and decide to move to the "Right". A favorite Bible verse right now: "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound" - Even in Vermont!

Sincerely, with great HOPE,
Terry Burke
Rutland County Republican Chairwoman

ICYMI: The Debate on H. 57


Berlin, VT -  “With Senator Sanders’ announcement this morning it is clear that he has once again put his own interests in front of the interests of Vermonters.” said Vermont Republican Party Chairwoman Deborah Billado.

“In 2016, Senator Sanders was an absent Senator and in coming years we can expect the same. Vermonters deserve a full time Senator. Vermonters deserve a Senator that believes in what is best for Vermonters, not what is best for his political ambitions. Vermonters deserve the opportunity to have full representation in Washington. If Senator Sanders is keen on continuing his presidential campaign then he must resign and vacate his seat immediately.”

A Message from Chairwoman Deb Billado


The Vermont Republican Party is fundamentally committed to limited government – one that does not punish the people of Vermont with escalating taxes to pay for failed legislative experiments. The Vermont Republican Party advocates for a balanced budget with checks to prevent out-of-control state spending. The Vermont Republican Party supports policies that would return economic prosperity to struggling Vermonters, instead of those that feed the state’s bloated bureaucratic machine.

We are unified in the belief that we can create a new and prosperous chapter for Vermont. To those that simply can’t catch a break under Montpelier’s entrenched tax tyranny, I say: We hear you.

As the Chair of the Vermont Republican Party, I am committed to protecting the unique rights and freedoms we have as Vermonters and to standing up for all those who feel betrayed, dismissed, and forgotten by the political system of our state. I am not interested in defying the founding documents and values of Vermont or the United States in service of perceived political opportunity.

Remember – the Vermont Republican Party is not and should not be Democrat-lite.

We are proud of our right-of-center values and principles. We will not apologize for putting hard-working Vermonters first. We will not apologize for standing up for what's right or pushing back against the crushing taxes democratic leadership forces on us. We will not apologize for respecting the founding principles of this great state and nation and will continue to fight to uphold them. 

We are striving toward a new chapter for Vermont. One that ends the same old, same old gimmicks that have become synonymous with Montpelier.

I hope you will join us.

Deb Billado

Statement from Chairwoman Billado on Deserae Morin

To all Vermonters,

Deserae Morin and her family  stand as an inspiration to us all in how they are handling the heinous threat of violence and intimidation perpetrated by a deranged and dangerous person. 

There is no room for this in a civilized society. We hope that law enforcement finds and prosecute those responsible. 

To watch this strong women fight back by saying she won't be intimated and not  back down from her sincere desire to represent the people of Colchester and Vermont.  

This goes far beyond politics, this is about someone trying to silence and intimidate a young mother from speaking out. 

Please join me in applauding Deserae Morin and all others who say "Your threats of violence will not stop my voice" This is America and this is Vermont. 

Deserae thanks for staying Vermont Strong.

Op-Ed from the Chairwoman: What's at Stake this November

Vermonters have a choice to make about the direction of our state this November. Will we allow ourselves to be taxed to death, or not? Here, very bluntly, is what’s at stake.

Since the last election in 2016, Vermont Democrats/Progressives (they are now, for all intents and purposes, the same thing) put forward bills that would raise tens of millions of dollars in new taxes, tax increases, and fees. They proposed five – count them, five -- new carbon taxes alone on gasoline, home heating fuel, etc. They proposed a new payroll tax, a new “fee” for every parcel of property in the state. They proposed an increase in the rooms and meals tax. They wanted to put a “surcharge” on income taxes. They even brought the state government to the brink of shutdown because Democrats/Progressives in the House and Senate insisted – yes, insisted -- on raising property taxes. 

Governor Scott’s veto (he vetoed twelve bills that would have raised taxes and/or fees on Vermonters, including three budgets), or threat of a veto, backed up by at least 51 Republicans in the House of Representatives, stopped almost all of these tax and fee increases from happening. Unfortunately, Republicans simply did not have the numbers to completely stop the Democrat/Progressives’ from pushing through their property tax increase as part of the overall budget bill. As a result, we’re living with the impact of that property tax increase today. It isn’t pleasant.

The Democrats/Progressives know they have little to no chance of beating Governor Scott, so, their strategy is to defeat enough Republican House and Senate candidates through a “Blue Wave” to achieve a “supermajority” capable of overriding every veto of every tax and fee increase. The Democrats/Progressives are well funded with out-of-state money from Bernie, well organized, and energized to do this. Only you, the voters, can stop them by re-electing Governor Scott and – and this is every bit as important if not more so -- electing Republicans to the State House and Senate.
So, voters, here is your choice: Will you give Vermont Republicans the numbers we need in the State House of Representatives and Senate to stop this freight train of devastating taxes and fees from becoming law after November? Or will you give the Democrat/Progressives the “supermajority” they crave so that can force through all these and more unaffordable policies, even over a gubernatorial veto? 

Currently, there are just 53 Republican members of the House out of 150. It takes 51 to sustain a veto. That’s almost no margin for error. Adding to our challenge, twelve incumbent Republicans are not running for re-election this year. New candidates have stepped up to run in their place. It is a steep hill to climb, but if we want to stop a tax avalanche in January, Vermont Republicans can’t afford to lose any races anywhere up or down the ticket. And, if your household budget looks like mine, you can’t afford to let them lose.

So, please vote Republican this November. It is the only way to make a difference. 

ICYMI: Bernie Turns His Back on Dairy Farmers

On February 9, 2018 the US senate voted overwhelmingly, with bi-partisan support, to authorize a continuing resolution to avoid a federal shut down.  This bill contained several provisions important to both parties, including key changes to an important agricultural program for dairy which will likely bring more than $5 million in relief to Vermont’s struggling dairy farms this year.

A handful of senators voted against the bill.  Among them was Bernie Sanders.  

You read that correctly, Senator Sanders ditched Vermont dairy farms in their time of need.  Unbelievably he later declared his “deep concern” for farmers in his recent constituent newsletter and praised the importance of a program he voted against.  Most Vermonters don’t have the time to look up Sanders’ record, so it has been quite easy for us to believe these deceptions.

The Margin Protection Program for Dairy has turned out to be an important lifeline for Vermont’s small and mid-size farms during this time of very low milk prices.  Changes to the program resulted in much needed payments for the farms. The state legislature also approved state financial support to enhance the federal program.

The bill had many other positive aspects aside from agriculture including: funding for HUD to continue the revitalization of distressed neighborhoods, funding for the staffing of newly opened or expanded Native American Health Service facilities, and authority for new construction starts for projects associated with the F-35A program for the Air Force. The list goes on.  

While we cannot begin to guess what part of this widely supported bill offended the Socialist Senator, we assume it was an ideological signal to the left.  Sanders position as a US Senator has given him the springboard to run for president in 2016 and likely again in 2020.  It is truly unfortunate that his “No” vote marginalized the very people who put him into office.  Vermont and other US voters should take note that the needs of citizens, and especially our farmers, are now a lesser priority than Senator Sanders’ quest for the national spotlight.

Vermont Republican Party Chair Deborah Billado's Statement on the Immigrant Family Separation Policy


Berlin, VT - Vermont Republican Party Chair Deborah Billado made the following statement on the Immigrant Family Separation Policy:

“The Vermont Republican Party thoroughly and completely condemns the actions that have taken place at our southern border. The separation of families is wrong. As immigrants are attempting to enter the United States to provide their family with a better life and a chance at the American dream, separating them from their children is hardly in the American spirit. Our platform clearly states that “Vermont Republicans… promote and support strong and healthy families” as well as “care for vulnerable children, the elderly, the sick, and the poor.” Separating families stands in complete contrast to our party’s platform, and we applaud the President’s executive order ending this policy.

This is an opportunity for both Democrats and Republicans to work together on a bipartisan basis to create substantive immigration reform. I hope in the coming weeks our representatives in Washington can come to a solution that remembers the heritage of our country’s welcoming nature to immigrants, while maintaining border security."



Vermont Republican Party Chair Deborah Billado's Statement on the Passing of Former First Lady Barbara Bush


Berlin, VT - Vermont Republican Party Chair Deborah Billado made the following statement on the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush:

“Yesterday, we lost a tireless advocate and an inspiration to the millions of Americans she touched. Barbara Bush personified what it meant to serve boldly. Whether in her role as First Lady of the United States, Second Lady for eight years while her beloved husband George H.W. Bush was Vice President under President Reagan, mother of President George W. Bush, matriarch of the Bush family extending four generations, or championing family literacy, Mrs. Bush set an example of thoughtfulness and compassion.

Mrs. Bush was a truly remarkable woman who led with class and honesty. Myself and the Vermont Republican Party extend our deepest condolences to the entire Bush family."


Republican State Chair Deborah Billado Thanks St. Sen. Peg Flory for Years of Service, Leadership

Republican State Chair Deborah Billado Thanks St. Sen. Peg Flory
for Years of Service, Leadership

(Berlin) – GOP Chair Deb Billado’s statement on the retirement of Sen. Peg Flory:
“Yesterday, Peg Flory, Rutland’s great senator, announced that she will not be seeking re-election in November. Republicans and Vermonters of all political persuasions appreciate the boundless energy, hard work, seriousness of purpose, sharp intellect, keen skills, and sense of decorum Sen. Flory has brought to her twenty years of service in Montpelier and commitment to our state and its people. I, personally, will be sorry to see her go, but I know she has well earned a happy retirement with her husband and grandchildren.
“Sen. Flory is a Vermont success story, rising from humble beginnings to raise a wonderful family, become a lawyer, run a successful practice, and capping her career elected and reelected as a respected lawmaker first in the House and then in the Senate. She has been a stalwart conservative voice in Montpelier, focusing, as she stated in her retirement announcement, on ‘responsible state spending’ and ‘the fundamentals of government and prosperity for all Vermonters.’ On behalf of all Vermont Republicans, I thank Sen. Flory for her many years of service and leadership to our great state.”


Statement from VT Republican Party Chair Deb Billado on Gov. Scott's Budget Address

Statement from VT Republican Party Chair Deb Billado 
on Gov. Scott's Budget Address

"Three weeks ago in his State of the State Address, Governor Scott told Vermonters he wants to expand the workforce, reverse Vermont's demographic trends, incentivize community development, and tackle the affordability crisis head on. Today, in his budget address, Governor Scott delivered on his vision for Vermont, offering the Legislature a responsible and specific path toward real progress on all fronts.
"Vermonters know Governor Scott has their concerns front and center, and his budget contains no new taxes or fees for the second year in a row while making sound and targeted economic investments in our state. Governor Scott is a leader who continues to demonstrate that with an honest assessment of the challenges we face, responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and careful investments in our citizens and communities, we can improve our state for everyone.
"The Governor is addressing the challenges Vermonters face now, instead of pushing them down the road so they become insurmountable. If legislators respond to the Governor's budget and work with him in good faith, we can eliminate the taxation of senior's Social Security benefits, carefully and generously reverse the education spending crisis, care for the vulnerable in our communities, and grow the economy and make Vermont more affordable so that our people can stay and still others will come. Governor Scott is working hard for all of us, making strategic choices, and providing clear and optimistic leadership, something everyone can support."


Vermont Republican Chair’s Statement on Governor Scott’s 2018 State of the State Address

Vermont Republican Chair’s Statement on Governor Scott’s 2018
State of the State Address

“Governor Scott remains focused on pocketbook issues and protecting Vermonters.”

Berlin, VT - After Governor Phil Scott’s 2018 State of the State address, Deb Billado, chair of the Vermont Republican Party, issued the following statement:

“From 2010 to 2016, under the leadership of Governor Shumlin, the state budget grew at an annual rate of 4-5 percent, out-pacing Vermonters' ability to pay for it. 

“The past year has been a breath of fresh air as Governor Scott has done what he said he would do. He presented, fought for, and signed a budget that didn't raise taxes and fees for the first time in recent history. 

“With Governor Scott in the corner office, we can rest assured that our state budgeting will get back to the fiscal fundamentals, there will be a renewed focus on economic opportunities, and he will resist taxes and fees -- including property taxes -- from increasing again this year. 

“I was also very pleased to hear about his commitment to workforce development, which includes eliminating the tax on military pensions, tuition free college for our national guard members, and investments in pro-growth areas like job training, downtown development incentives, and affordable housing. 

“The governor’s leadership on pocketbook issues is finally helping overburdened Vermonters get ahead.”