Lt. Governor Zuckerman’s Actions Show Unwillingness to Address Hurdles Facing Vermonters

Lt. Governor Zuckerman’s Actions Show Unwillingness to Address Hurdles Facing Vermonters

Vermont Republicans call on the Lt. Governor to share what taxes he wants to raise.

Berlin, VT - Yesterday, Lt. Governor David Zuckerman whiffed in his attempt to call out Governor Phil Scott for a lack of leadership as it relates to the the State Budget.  This piggy-backs off recent public statements where Zuckerman and and House Democrats attempted to take aim at job creators, businesses, and the pockets of hard-working Vermonters.

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Dave Sunderland, Chair of the Vermont Republican Party issued the following statement:

“Governor Phil Scott is the only one who has proposed solutions that will make Vermont a more affordable place to live, work and raise a family.

“There has been a lot of noise coming from the Lt. Governor’s office lately.  The Vermont Democrat’s David Zuckerman and his staff have been distracted by Washington D.C. issues, an 88-cent/gallon carbon tax and instant runoff voting.  Lt. Governor Zuckerman’s apparent misunderstanding what really matters to everyday Vermonters shows how far out of the mainstream he and the rest of the Vermont Democrats really are.

In fact, it seems they are paying more attention to their supporters in ultra far left special interest groups than they are to hardworking Vermonters who struggle every day under the burden of Vermont’s growing -- and Vermont Democrat fueled -- affordability crisis.

We suggest the Lt. Governor research the budget process before taking ill-conceived pot shots at Governor Phil Scott. Additionally we demand David Zuckerman, who is so favorable to additional tax increases, immediately share what taxes and fees on Vermonters he would increase -- and by how much.  

Vermonters have not forgotten the failed policies of Governor Peter Shumlin and the lopsided Democrat majority in the legislature. When they overwhelmingly elected Phil Scott as Governor in November, Vermonters expected to see a laser focus on affordability, growing the economy, creating jobs and reducing our overwhelming tax burden -- created single handedly by Vermont Democrats. Governor Phil Scott and Vermont Republicans are following through.  

The out-of-the mainstream, far-left liberal majority are purposefully getting in the way of real progress and are distracted by “sound bite” issues. Two years from now, Vermonters will have another opportunity to choose change and Democrat/Progressive Lt. Governor Zuckerman is making it easier and easier for them to do so.”