Looney Friday: February 3, 2017

Looney Friday: February 3, 2017

We wish this was all folks, but sadly there has been enough looney legislation proposed that we've launched a weekly update. We'll be casting a bright light on the dark legislation Vermont Democrats and Progressives propose.

10 cent tax on plastic bags - H.88 (Read the bill here)

As if a trip to the grocery store wasn't expensive enough for so many families across Vermont, now six Democrats and Progressives have teamed up in an effort to add a 10 cent tax on any plastic bag you use. That's right, the following Representatives want to make your shopping trip even MORE EXPENSIVE.

  • Michael Yantachka of Charlotte
  • Curt McCormack of Burlington
  • Mary Sullivan of Burlington
  • Annemarie Christensen of Perkinsville
  • Betsy Dunn of Essex
  • John Gannon of Wilmington

Banning Plastic Bags - H.105 (Read the bill here)

Three out-of-touch Representatives have proposed a bill that will ban the use of plastic bags by retail stores. If passed, you will no longer have the option of "paper or plastic." Instead, you'll be forced to purchase your own reusable bags or use paper. The following Representatives have signed on to this legislation:

  • Michael Mrowicki of Putney
  • Trevor Squirrell of Underhill
  • George Till of Jericho

Registration of Bicycles - H.46 (Read the bill here)

Representative Cindy Weed -- the same Representative who urged the Vermont House of Representatives to overturn a settled election -- is now proposing legislation that requires anyone over the age of 16 to register their bicycle and pay a registration fee. Isn't it ironic we urge our youth to remain active and we encourage people to use bicycles to cut down on carbon emissions-- but now we want them to pay for it?  You can thank Cindy Weed for trying to make Vermont more unaffordable.

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