Looney Friday: February 24, 2017

Looney Friday: February 24, 2017

Happy Friday Folks!
This week was like the old wild-west in Montpelier. Sadly, we're not all hanging out in a pub playing a game of poker. Instead we are watching Vermont House Democrats/Progressives' (it's hard to tell the difference these days) slow attempt to dismantle the integrity of our electoral process.
A good friend of mine gave me an amazing analogy which really does justice to the Democrats' attempt to overturn an election:
It’s like a terrible western movie.  The bad dude with long, black greasy hair is grinning while he chews on a toothpick.  You can barely see his eyes below the rim of his musty old hat.  His hands are dancing as they hover over his guns holstered on his hip. He blinks and says ‘I’m going to get you!’ As quick as he can, he grabs the gun by the handle; but instead of pulling the gun out and shooting at you, he pulls the trigger too soon and shoots himself in the foot.
Thankfully, the Democrats were unable to steal this election and Rep. Bob Frenier was deemed the rightful winner he is, was and will always be.  
The continued partisanship of the Democrats/Progressives, and lack of willingness to work with Governor Phil Scott on the budget is astounding. It’s time they step-up to the plate and work with Republicans as we continue to focus on the real issues. 

But here we are with two gems for our “Looney Friday” edition: the carbon tax is coming back and the proposed "Artificial Intelligence Commission."
I'd say "enjoy," but you're probably shaking your head as much as I am...

Jeff Bartley
Executive Director
Vermont Republican Party

An act relating to the creation of the Artificial Intelligence Commission - H.378 (Read the bill here)
Talk about "I, Robot" flash backs... The purpose of this bill is "to create the Artificial Intelligence Commission to support the development of artificial intelligence in the State." Seems like a good use of time funded by taxpayers.

This bill was proposed by only one Legislator, Brian Cina of Burlington.

And guess who's back!

"An act relating to a carbon tax and cap and trade study by the Joint Fiscal Office" - H.394 (Read the bill here)
The people have spoken.  Governor Scott is committed to vetoing this ridiculous proposal. Moderate Democrats are speaking out against it. All for nothing.

Here we are again, like a bad mid-morning soap opera, Democrats in the House of Representatives are asking the Joint Fiscal Office to study the Carbon Tax. 

Interesting enough, there are not 27 Democrats/Progressives signing onto this particular bill like they did two years ago...  I wonder why...

Rep. Mollie Burke of Brattleboro
Rep. Selene Colburn of Burlington
Rep. James Masland of Thetford
Rep. Curtis McCormack of Burlington
Rep. Jean O'Sullivan of Burlington
Rep. Amy Sheldon of Middlebury
Rep. Maru Sullivan of Burlington
Rep. Michael Yantachka of Charlotte