ICYMI: House GOP United Behind Governor Scott’s Proposal to Save up to $26 Million Per Year

ICYMI: House GOP United Behind Governor Scott’s Proposal to Save up to $26 Million Per Year

Urge Mainstream Democrats to ‘Do the Right Thing’

Berlin, VT – House Republicans stood united at a press conference recently in support of Governor Scott’s proposal to save up to $26 million annually by negotiating teachers’ health care benefits at the state level, and now they are urging mainstream Democrats to join them in doing the right thing by putting progress ahead of partisanship.

“I don’t want to leave millions if not tens of millions of dollars on the table. We need to return that value to the taxpayers who have supported our teachers for such a long time,” said House Appropriations Committee Vice-Chair Peter Fagan (R-Rutland).

The Vermont Education Health Initiative (VEHI) would create a statewide health benefit to take advantage of a federal requirement that health plans be renegotiated this year. VEHI would also avoid the upcoming “Cadillac tax” on certain taxpayer-funded health insurance plans.

Through VEHI, healthcare contracts would be bargained at one time, instead of at 60 times throughout the year. This would save up to $100 million over the next five years, without forcing teachers to pay more for healthcare or cutting services to our children.

Under Governor Scott’s proposal, these savings could be redirected to reduce the burden on property taxpayers and other key drivers of economic growth.

Unfortunately, far-left wing Democrat and Progressive leaders—pressured by lobbyists from labor unions—have tried to dismiss this extraordinary opportunity for savings.

Though they hope Democrats and Progressives will join them in doing the right thing, House Republicans have said they are ready to support the Governor’s initiative and sustain a veto of this legislation if necessary.

“If a budget is sent to the governor’s desk without this common sense proposal, a proposal to save up to $26 million annually, we stand ready to support and sustain a veto,” said House Minority Leader Don Turner (R-Milton).

House Republicans are standing behind this savings proposal and remain steadfast in their commitment to achieve savings in the state budget without raising taxes or fees.

You can do so too by contacting your local lawmakers and encouraging them to support Governor Scott’s statewide health benefit initiative to save Vermonters up to $26 million each year!

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