Help Save Vermont Taxpayers $26 Million Per Year


Governor Phil Scott has proposed a plan to save Vermont taxpayers up to $26 million annually in education costs, without cutting services to kids or making employees pay more.  Opportunities like this do not come around often, in fact, this one won’t happen again in our lifetime.  You can learn more about the Governor’s bold and innovative proposal here.  

The bottomline is that Governor Scott has offered a plan to cut costs for taxpayers -- up to $26 million per year and $100 million over five years -- and we need to help the Governor make sure the Democrat and Progressive leadership doesn't walk away from this incredible opportunity!    

Unfortunately for taxpayers, Democrat leadership is  throwing every excuse in the book to  avoid taking action on the Governor’s plan.  Why?  Because some of their biggest political donors -- the bosses at the teachers’ union -- do not want to reduce healthcare costs and property taxes by up to $26 million each year, even though the plan wouldn’t cost their members any more money.  

Seriously.  Their positions is that reckless...and totally anti-taxpayer.

Will you sign our petition calling on the Legislature to pass Governor Scott’s plan to save taxpayers up to $26 million dollars, annually?

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