Governor Phil Scott Is Making State Government Efficient

Governor Phil Scott Is Making State Government Efficient

Members of Governor’s Government Modernization & Efficiency Team Detail Strategic Approach to Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs   

Berlin, VT. – Recently, members of Governor Phil Scott’s Government Modernization & Efficiency Team (GMET) Sue Zeller and Neale Lunderville appeared on Vermont Public Radio to detail the Governor’s efforts to make state government more efficient and improve services.

Lunderville explains that Governor Scott has taken a different approach to building his budget and determining the value of State programs. Governor Scott established three strategic goals that drive all priorities:

  • -- strengthen the economy;
  • -- make Vermont more affordable; and
  • -- protect vulnerable Vermonters.

The Governor built his budget – which prioritizes pro-growth policies and does not raise any taxes or fees -- and directed his entire team to evaluate every government program, process and service to ensure they align with those goals. If they don’t, they will be reformed or perhaps eliminated.

Zeller also reported on the Governor’s Program to Improve Outcomes Together (PIVOT).  In fewer than 100 days, Governor Scott’s initiative has already trained more than 200 state employees and cabinet members on the principles of LEAN and Results Based Accountability – and more will be trained as the program continues. These tools allow the PIVOT teams to strategically increase efficiency, which will save tax payer dollars and improve outcomes for Vermonters by breaking down government bureaucracy.

Highlighting how the Governor’s efforts are more strategic and focused than past efforts to increase efficiencies, Lunderville says:

“Starting with his Inaugural address, Governor Scott said this is going to be part of the DNA of what State Government does...[Governor Scott is] empowering [his] appointees to make sure they are building budgets around strategic goals, that they are looking at programs and finding ways to make them more efficient and [he is] going to train employees from the bottom up to have the tools to really embrace this kind of operating philosophy. So, this is really a more expansive way to embrace this challenge.” 

Zeller, who is the State’s Chief Performance Officer, adds:

“We now have a strategic focus…We have a directive from the top, which is the Governor’s Executive Order, and we have … the people on GMET, giving us an outside perspective that we really haven’t had before.”

The two also discussed the State’s IT challenges and the Governor’s vision and strategy to improve how the State manages its IT programs. The Governor has proposed consolidating IT under one management structure to increase accountability, get a handle on IT spending, improve project management and drive efficiency and modernization.

Listen to the full interview here: