Delusional Democrats Take Credit for Affordable Housing They Threatened to Kill

Delusional Democrats Take Credit for Affordable Housing They Threatened to Kill

Montpelier, VT— Facts are frequently ignored by Speaker Johnson and the far-left “government knows best” elitists within the Vermont Democratic Party.

In a recent interview with the Rutland Herald, Vermont’s Democratic House Speaker Mitzi Johnson tried to take credit for a package to expand housing options working families can afford, stating that “a $35 million housing bond that will help construct new affordable housing is an area of success that will hopefully lead to more cooperation on other challenges facing the state.”

It seems Speaker Johnson forgot the housing affordability package was actually presented and championed by Governor Phil Scott, as part of his original budget proposal. The plan would support working families and generate hundreds of private sector construction jobs.

But even more (un)surprising is Speaker Johnson’s refusal to acknowledge that it was her colleague, Senate Majority Leader Becca Balint (D-Windham District), who threatened to kill Governor Scott’s economic growth, permit reform and housing proposals as leverage to support her pro-NEA agenda and derail the Governor’s proposal to save millions on education

During a May 8th interview on Green Mountain Mornings (1490 WKTV), Balint bitterly threatened to block important economic development legislation and the housing initiative  if the Governor pursued his property tax reduction plan. Balint had this to say:

“However, there’s something that the Governor really wants, and that is this $35 million housing bond—which we haven’t really gotten into—but it’s something he cares a great deal about. There’s also a bunch of pieces in S.135, which is the economic development bill. So it’s possible that in the final days, there’ll be some leverage applied there.”

Speaker Johnson — who in just one year has earned a reputation for being inconsistent — has no problem taking credit for an initiative that she didn’t champion AND that her own party threatened to kill as a political tactic to block economic development and property tax relief.

With more Republicans in Montpelier, we can support a speaker who will lead the charge for a more prosperous future for all; not just take credit for other people’s work.